Post 54: Chuck the Nonconformist

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Meet Chuck. Chuck is not your average eater. Get this. Chuck likes chocolate syrup …on his HOT DOGS! People do not like Chuck’s eating habits.

“Chuck that’s just WRONG.” people tell him

“Here Chuck…try a NORMAL condiment.” they say

Chuck refuses. He doesn’t care about what people think. Chocolate on his hot dogs is what he likes and he’s willing to break the food acceptance norms in order to continue doing what he loves.Chuck is the ultimate nonconformist. Chuck is awesome.

People offer Chuck Ketchup. He crosses his arms, frowns, and nods his head side-to-side. They offer him Mustard. He does the same. They offer him relish, onions, mayo. Chuck refuses.

An MLS member (specific member TBA!!) admires Chuck for his persistence and offers Chuck some chocolate syrup. He smiles and grabs it.

It’s silly that people get so worked up about people’s little habits. Most of these little habits are as innocent as Chuck’s. Chuck putting chocolate on his hotdog doesn’t affect anyone else, so why should they care?!

TAGLINE: Let the Chucks be Chucks. Support a team who supports you and everything you truly love.  Support MLS.(or something anything along those lines)

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