Post 51: M(ajor) L(eague) S(ex)

Americans get weird when the topic of sex comes up. We are not allowed to show sex or nudity in films, breast-feeding in public is looked down upon, most schools don’t teach sex-ed anymore or teach false information and/or abstinence, abortion has caused controversy to the point of violence, and when we do show sex in the media it is usually used to sell hamburgers or cars. In America these customs are NORMAL. 

Sex doesn’t have to be so complicated and our youth should at least be getting some correct information on safe sex. As an American team, MLS should do something about this. Doing so would also put MLS in a nonconforming position, doing something against American societal norms, which is good for promoting MLS’s brand: badge of nonconformity. It’s a win win situation.

Now how should MLS go about helping out with this situation??

MLS themed condoms

  • Male AND female condoms with separate, clear instructions for each type written on the box and on the individual condoms
  • Helpful, general information about safe sex on the box that everyone deserves to know.
  • Tips, tricks, and pointers from professional MLS soccer players
  • Different colors and flavors for each team (maybe a space themed galaxy condom for LA Galaxy team?)
  • Particular players could design their own condoms if interested (with different kinds, sizes, colors, flavors, lubrications, ect.)

With MLS condoms your sexual experiences will go from average sex to major league sex (MLS) …..ha- ha!

Some people who weren’t interested in MLS before, might be more open to giving them a chance, if they see them getting involved in something sexual. Sex sells. It’s a known fact. But, like I mentioned earlier, a lot of brands use sex in a negative way to sell their product, brand, ect. For example, Hardy’s throws in a sexy girl in a bikini in some of their ads to sell a burger, hoping it will lure in more dudes. However, the images they use are very stereotypical, and when the only sex we do see in the media is used in this way, we grow up with a twisted view on the subject. By selling condoms and providing safe and helpful information about safe sex, MLS is using sex to sell their brand, but in a way that is helpful to society. They are doing society a favor and their product a favor by getting their information about MLS out there through a new medium. 


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