In many American sports, it is custom to sing the National anthem before games. We do this before the super bowl and spend lots and lots of money to get someone really talented and/or famous to sing it. I’ve also been to baseball games and horse races where the national anthem was sung before. I’m not sure if MLS does this or not, but if they want to set themselves apart from other American sports, not doing so, or replacing the anthem with something else could be a good way for MLS to reject American sport’s standards/expectations and prove themselves as a nonconforming brand.

Making the national anthem  a standard for sporting events or any public event  is somewhat creepy of a concept.It feels very forced, in the same way that it feels wrong to enforce the pledge of the allegiance in school. I like the concept of group singing. It really does a good job of riling people up and allowing them to feel unified, but why does it have to be a song about our country? Why not something more fun and related to the sport?

IDEA: MLS sings “Wer’e Not Going to Take It” by Twisted Sister. This song is all about finding freedom from nonconforming which perfectly sums up MLS’s Rebel character. It’s also a pretty easy song to learn and is in a range that is easy to sing.

This song could be sung before every MLS game and it would further engrain the concept of nonconformity as MLS’s brand into the minds of the players and the fans. (in a fun way, not a creepy, brainwashing way.”

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 3.46.43 PM.png




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