Post 50: Tween PARTY

A mom of a bratty tween is struggling to throw her daughter a birthday party she will actually enjoy. She has introduced many ideas, however her daughter keeps pushing these ideas aside as they are too typical. “That’s so TYPICAL mom!! EVERYBODY has that party. she says. Her mother is lost. Her suggestions for a spa theme party, a murder mystery dinner party, a pizza pool party, and even a cops and robbers themed birthday party are all refused.

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 10.31.25 AM

The mom ponders and ponders, completely stressed out about this birthday party. She sees an MLS game and sees all the nonconformity the team has to offer. She wraps up an MLS themed birthday party that she presents as a surprise party for her daughter. The daughter and her picky, bratty tween friends all sit down to watch a game and all leave happy as ever.

Here, MLS is presented as a solution for a problem- a relief for a mother, and a safe haven for a tween who is fed up with conformity and is trying to find a place she can be herself. 


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