Post 49: Larry Wears PJs to Work.

Scene: Typical workplace setting- cubicles and all.

Guy at business firm (let’s call him Larry) always shows up to work in pjs. The boss yells at Larry all the time for it, but Larry refuses to conform to his dress code. The boss would fire him, but he’s the most valuable worker he has. Larry’s co-workers whisper about Larry and his silly and frustrating habit on break.


**A few workdays pass by and Larry shows up to work in pjs each day. Boss shakes his head to himself everyday **

Person #1:   “I think he’s just a lazy bum…I dress up for work everyday and you never see ME complaining about it…”

Person #2:    “I heard he does it in protest of the work dress code…he thinks it’s too conforming or something.” 

  • Boss overhears the person #2 and get’s an idea.
  • The next day the boss shows up and puts 2 MLS tickets on Larry’s desk.
  • Larry looks at tickets and on the weekend attends MLS game. Here he is thrown into a crowd of nonconformity. He is so happy and satisfied.The players and people in the crowd all have different stories and different ways the dissent from societies social norms. 
  • The Monday after the game, Larry shows up to work in a suit. The boss smiles at him and he smiles and continues working.

The boss knows that his plan worked. He knew that Larry was fed up with the dress conformity in the workplace, however the boss still felt that dressing up to work was what he wanted. As an MLS fan himself, the boss knew that MLS was a league founded on the ideals of nonconformity. It is a great place for Larry to dump all his anger from the conformity he deals with in his day-to-day life. Once Larry had some place to not conform he no longer felt the need to do so in the workplace. 

Heres where MLS steps in an introduces their role in lives like Larry’s:

MLS can’t fix everything, but we can offer you killer weekends and an escape from conformity you face daily.



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