Post 48: Forward Moving Game, Forward Moving League

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 7.19.44 PM.png
(Traditionalist on left, Nonconformist on right)

IDEA:  Soccer is a game that revolves around forward movement, so when it comes down to choosing a soccer league to love and cherish, doesn’t it seem smart to choose a team that’s persona is all about forward moving as well??

Tradition is appealing to many. It’s great for holidays, family legacies, campus greek life, and common rituals between friends. It’s often comforting and creates strong bonds. Many sports advertise themselves through the traditional personas.

Nonconformity is pretty much the opposite of the tradition persona, yet it is appealing for different reasons. Nonconformity is new, it’s progressive, it’s forward-moving, innovative, tough, and revolutionary. 

Tradition is embracing good elements of the past and nonconformity is moving past bad elements of the past.Where tradition moves (or stays) BACKWARDS, nonconformity is about moving FORWARD. Soccer is fast and forward moving, so it’s fitting for MLS to embrace the persona of the nonconformist. 




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