Post 38-Spook your opponents by dressing up like them!

Last post I talked about camouflage and how blending in is kind of the definition conformity, but can ALSO be a way of NOT conforming. In this ramble of thoughts, I came up with an idea I think is worth expanding upon.

IDEA: MLS players wear uniforms similar in appearance to their opposing team’s.  The concept behind this idea would be this: Blending in doesn’t HAVE to be predictable or conforming. Sometimes blending in can be the opposite of bland and the last thing you expect. 

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 6.01.42 PMSo the idea is pretty simple. An MLS team prepares for their next game and researches the exact uniforms of their opposing team. They would re-create these uniforms with their own names and numbers on them. It’s the same logic that nature gives animals to blend into their surroundings in order to hide from predators. MLS would blend into their surroundings by taking on the same appearance as their “predators.” The reason teams have different uniforms is to create a distinction between teammates and opposing enemies. Without this, the other team will be lost. This would definitely throw the enemies off. NOW, I can see how this could be confusing for both teams, however MLS would have prior knowledge of this and that would give them an advantage.

Since the idea behind this is that blending in doesn’t HAVE to be predictable or conforming, an example like this would really prove how well MLS understands the definition of nonconformity. Many people think nonconformity means being different and that blending in=conformity. This is not the case…blending in CAN be conformity but it can ALSO be a way of not conforming. MLS realizing this and displaying this would really show how well they know nonconformity and how well they know themselves.

*I realize this probably isn’t actually allowed but for the sake of a post or maybe an advertisement I think it gets the point across even if it might not ever be a realistic idea.


One thought on “Post 38-Spook your opponents by dressing up like them!

  1. This is a pretty cool idea. It definitely shows MLS and Badge of Nonconformity. It shows that a good amount of effort went into it and I think it’s a pretty unique idea. I don’t really have much to say about it. Maybe explaining how you arrived at this idea would help. Posting a picture of your thought process from your journal could help with that. But besides that, good job.


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