Meet Cosmo, MLS’s LA Galaxy Mascot

“In 2001, Cozmo went on a Space Odyssey in search of the perfect Galaxy. He hopped into his lunar space module and headed out to search for his new home. After two years of searching, on June 7th, 2003 while speeding through space he made an emergency left turn to avoid a cow jumping over the moon and was spiraling out of control. Cozmo made a miraculous landing in Carson, CA. As luck would have it he is a U. F. O = Universal Futbol Olympian and he felt right at home. Cozmo wanted to try out for the team but due to unforeseen circumstances (he is not human) he was not allowed to play in MLS but was offered a Millennium contract as mascot of the LA GALAXY. It seems that Cozmo had “The Right Stuff” because the Galaxy went on to win three MLS Cups after he landed in L.A.”

Yep, this is the 100% accurate and entirely factual story of the LA Galaxy’s mascot, Cosmo. Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 10.12.17 AM.png

It’s a pretty interesting story. I think creating a video for this story could be a fun way to show a wacky side of MLS. No, Cosmo isn’t the only crazy mascot and there might even be another alien soccer mascot out there, BUT I think taking Cosmo and his story to a new level of publicity is a new idea and is non-conforming in the sense that MLS is breaking the barriers of advertising themselves through serious means.

There’s no need to come up with a new story, because Cosmo’s true life story is already so interesting! Not everyone would be interested in hearing Cosmo’s story, but I know that hearing a story like this might help me, a person who knows nothing about soccer, find motivation to give MLS a try. I know it sounds sad that it needs to take “motivation” for me and people like me to find interest in this particular product, but I think this is a very common obstacle for businesses- how do you make people care? I think approaching people, especially non-soccer watching people, through a less “soccery” lens would be a good way to introduce them to a product and would increase the chances of them caring.

MLS is relatively accessible to watch, online, on tv, and in real life. However, the level of hype we find with football fans and soccer fans in Europe and South America is just not here. People who aren’t avid soccer fans probably don’t even know MLS exists. I think if people knew about MLS and the individual teams within the US, people might be interested!

I’ve been trying to think about what information  I, a person who knows nothing about soccer, would best sway me to go out of my way to sit down and watch an MLS game. An ad solely about the league wouldn’t get me there and might be too overwhelming, however having information, especially interesting detailed information about a silly mascot, would get me interested. People who might be too intimidated by soccer because they don’t know anything about the sport, might feel more welcome to taking in a new interest if the information given to them tags MLS as …approachable.



2 thoughts on “Meet Cosmo, MLS’s LA Galaxy Mascot

  1. Great amount of thought in this post, but this isn’t on brand. A comedic ad campaign isn’t nonconformity. A better narrative would be to show how the mascot is nonconformist somehow and how that allows them to fit in with MLS.

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