Post 54: Chuck the Nonconformist

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Meet Chuck. Chuck is not your average eater. Get this. Chuck likes chocolate syrup …on his HOT DOGS! People do not like Chuck’s eating habits.

“Chuck that’s just WRONG.” people tell him

“Here Chuck…try a NORMAL condiment.” they say

Chuck refuses. He doesn’t care about what people think. Chocolate on his hot dogs is what he likes and he’s willing to break the food acceptance norms in order to continue doing what he loves.Chuck is the ultimate nonconformist. Chuck is awesome.

People offer Chuck Ketchup. He crosses his arms, frowns, and nods his head side-to-side. They offer him Mustard. He does the same. They offer him relish, onions, mayo. Chuck refuses.

An MLS member (specific member TBA!!) admires Chuck for his persistence and offers Chuck some chocolate syrup. He smiles and grabs it.

It’s silly that people get so worked up about people’s little habits. Most of these little habits are as innocent as Chuck’s. Chuck putting chocolate on his hotdog doesn’t affect anyone else, so why should they care?!

TAGLINE: Let the Chucks be Chucks. Support a team who supports you and everything you truly love.  Support MLS.(or something anything along those lines)

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Post 53:Why we Need Nonconformity ft. Christopher Columbus

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The haters gonna hate…But without nonconformity, we would still think that the wold is flat. 

This is an image of Christopher Columbus. Columbus had a thought that he proposed in the 1400’s that society rejected. When Columbus introduced the idea that the world is not flat, but in fact round, people just thought he was the biggest idiot. He was ridiculed and told he was crazy, but Columbus knew he knew something that could change the world and he continued to pursue what he wanted. That is core of nonconformity- pursuing your beliefs, despite ridicule and complete lack of reinforcement from society. 

IDEA: MLS revitalizing Christopher Columbus as a new character that can be used to demonstrate their brand and how MLS promotes nonconformity. Without nonconformity, Christopher Columbus wouldn’t of been able to get past the ridicule and pursue his journey to see if the world was in  fact round instead of flat. If he never went on this journey, he would have never discovered America and America wouldn’t be what it is today. Without today’s America, MLS could have never existed. I know it’s a long trace backwards, but if you think about it, MLS owes Columbus a big pat on the back!

Though there is a loose tie between Christopher Columbus and the soccer league MLS in terms of history, the biggest thing Columbus and MLS have in common is the fact that both are role-models for nonconformity.

I created a visual at the top of the page that demonstrates how Columbus is nonconforming. I put haters on one side and then Christopher Columbus on the other with a humble yet solid stance. He knows what he wants and he won’t budge because society is telling to. MLS could revitalize Christopher Columbus as a character for MLS commercials, creating his persona based upon this face. Though Columbus doesn’t really have any direct relation to soccer, if MLS uses him to promote the concept of their brand, people will associate him with MLS. (The Geico gecko has nothing to do with insurance, however he works and people love him.)

A good tagline(s) for this concept could be :

“The haters gonna hate..but without nonconformity, we would still believe that the world is flat.”            

followed by….

“All potentially world changing ideas are nonconforming. Support a team who supports your crazy concepts. Support MLS.” 


In many American sports, it is custom to sing the National anthem before games. We do this before the super bowl and spend lots and lots of money to get someone really talented and/or famous to sing it. I’ve also been to baseball games and horse races where the national anthem was sung before. I’m not sure if MLS does this or not, but if they want to set themselves apart from other American sports, not doing so, or replacing the anthem with something else could be a good way for MLS to reject American sport’s standards/expectations and prove themselves as a nonconforming brand.

Making the national anthem  a standard for sporting events or any public event  is somewhat creepy of a concept.It feels very forced, in the same way that it feels wrong to enforce the pledge of the allegiance in school. I like the concept of group singing. It really does a good job of riling people up and allowing them to feel unified, but why does it have to be a song about our country? Why not something more fun and related to the sport?

IDEA: MLS sings “Wer’e Not Going to Take It” by Twisted Sister. This song is all about finding freedom from nonconforming which perfectly sums up MLS’s Rebel character. It’s also a pretty easy song to learn and is in a range that is easy to sing.

This song could be sung before every MLS game and it would further engrain the concept of nonconformity as MLS’s brand into the minds of the players and the fans. (in a fun way, not a creepy, brainwashing way.”

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Post 51: M(ajor) L(eague) S(ex)

Americans get weird when the topic of sex comes up. We are not allowed to show sex or nudity in films, breast-feeding in public is looked down upon, most schools don’t teach sex-ed anymore or teach false information and/or abstinence, abortion has caused controversy to the point of violence, and when we do show sex in the media it is usually used to sell hamburgers or cars. In America these customs are NORMAL. 

Sex doesn’t have to be so complicated and our youth should at least be getting some correct information on safe sex. As an American team, MLS should do something about this. Doing so would also put MLS in a nonconforming position, doing something against American societal norms, which is good for promoting MLS’s brand: badge of nonconformity. It’s a win win situation.

Now how should MLS go about helping out with this situation??

MLS themed condoms

  • Male AND female condoms with separate, clear instructions for each type written on the box and on the individual condoms
  • Helpful, general information about safe sex on the box that everyone deserves to know.
  • Tips, tricks, and pointers from professional MLS soccer players
  • Different colors and flavors for each team (maybe a space themed galaxy condom for LA Galaxy team?)
  • Particular players could design their own condoms if interested (with different kinds, sizes, colors, flavors, lubrications, ect.)

With MLS condoms your sexual experiences will go from average sex to major league sex (MLS) …..ha- ha!

Some people who weren’t interested in MLS before, might be more open to giving them a chance, if they see them getting involved in something sexual. Sex sells. It’s a known fact. But, like I mentioned earlier, a lot of brands use sex in a negative way to sell their product, brand, ect. For example, Hardy’s throws in a sexy girl in a bikini in some of their ads to sell a burger, hoping it will lure in more dudes. However, the images they use are very stereotypical, and when the only sex we do see in the media is used in this way, we grow up with a twisted view on the subject. By selling condoms and providing safe and helpful information about safe sex, MLS is using sex to sell their brand, but in a way that is helpful to society. They are doing society a favor and their product a favor by getting their information about MLS out there through a new medium. 

Post 50: Tween PARTY

A mom of a bratty tween is struggling to throw her daughter a birthday party she will actually enjoy. She has introduced many ideas, however her daughter keeps pushing these ideas aside as they are too typical. “That’s so TYPICAL mom!! EVERYBODY has that party. she says. Her mother is lost. Her suggestions for a spa theme party, a murder mystery dinner party, a pizza pool party, and even a cops and robbers themed birthday party are all refused.

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 10.31.25 AM

The mom ponders and ponders, completely stressed out about this birthday party. She sees an MLS game and sees all the nonconformity the team has to offer. She wraps up an MLS themed birthday party that she presents as a surprise party for her daughter. The daughter and her picky, bratty tween friends all sit down to watch a game and all leave happy as ever.

Here, MLS is presented as a solution for a problem- a relief for a mother, and a safe haven for a tween who is fed up with conformity and is trying to find a place she can be herself. 

Post 49: Larry Wears PJs to Work.

Scene: Typical workplace setting- cubicles and all.

Guy at business firm (let’s call him Larry) always shows up to work in pjs. The boss yells at Larry all the time for it, but Larry refuses to conform to his dress code. The boss would fire him, but he’s the most valuable worker he has. Larry’s co-workers whisper about Larry and his silly and frustrating habit on break.


**A few workdays pass by and Larry shows up to work in pjs each day. Boss shakes his head to himself everyday **

Person #1:   “I think he’s just a lazy bum…I dress up for work everyday and you never see ME complaining about it…”

Person #2:    “I heard he does it in protest of the work dress code…he thinks it’s too conforming or something.” 

  • Boss overhears the person #2 and get’s an idea.
  • The next day the boss shows up and puts 2 MLS tickets on Larry’s desk.
  • Larry looks at tickets and on the weekend attends MLS game. Here he is thrown into a crowd of nonconformity. He is so happy and satisfied.The players and people in the crowd all have different stories and different ways the dissent from societies social norms. 
  • The Monday after the game, Larry shows up to work in a suit. The boss smiles at him and he smiles and continues working.

The boss knows that his plan worked. He knew that Larry was fed up with the dress conformity in the workplace, however the boss still felt that dressing up to work was what he wanted. As an MLS fan himself, the boss knew that MLS was a league founded on the ideals of nonconformity. It is a great place for Larry to dump all his anger from the conformity he deals with in his day-to-day life. Once Larry had some place to not conform he no longer felt the need to do so in the workplace. 

Heres where MLS steps in an introduces their role in lives like Larry’s:

MLS can’t fix everything, but we can offer you killer weekends and an escape from conformity you face daily.


Post 48: Forward Moving Game, Forward Moving League

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 7.19.44 PM.png
(Traditionalist on left, Nonconformist on right)

IDEA:  Soccer is a game that revolves around forward movement, so when it comes down to choosing a soccer league to love and cherish, doesn’t it seem smart to choose a team that’s persona is all about forward moving as well??

Tradition is appealing to many. It’s great for holidays, family legacies, campus greek life, and common rituals between friends. It’s often comforting and creates strong bonds. Many sports advertise themselves through the traditional personas.

Nonconformity is pretty much the opposite of the tradition persona, yet it is appealing for different reasons. Nonconformity is new, it’s progressive, it’s forward-moving, innovative, tough, and revolutionary. 

Tradition is embracing good elements of the past and nonconformity is moving past bad elements of the past.Where tradition moves (or stays) BACKWARDS, nonconformity is about moving FORWARD. Soccer is fast and forward moving, so it’s fitting for MLS to embrace the persona of the nonconformist.